"Aqua Engineering" is one of the few Russian companies with experience in design and construction of dolphinariums. In particular, we specialize in design of water treatment technology and practices for dolphins and other sea animals. Over the years we have extensive knowledge in dealing with unique challenges such projects provide.

Water supply and treatment plants for dolphinariums are complex systems that include multiple disparate components (filtration, chemical treatment, saline preparation, wastewater management, etc.) Their continuous and correct operation is crucial for providing a safe and comfortable environment for the performing animals. Our engineers are continuously working on perfecting their knowledge of managing marine animals. Through continuous collaboration with active dolphinariums we are improving technological processes, and optimizing running and capital expenses. We work closely with staff at "Utrish Dolphinarium": biologists, process engineers, veterinarians, and trainers; and at a number of active dolphinariums in Southern Russia. We regularly review and tweak water treatment processes at active dolphinariums, striving to improve their animals' comfort. This large body of experience is then used on new projects.

All design and construction is based on practical experience from running active dolphinariums. All work is performed in accordance with Russian building codes and standards, as well as European Association for Aquatic Mammals (E.A.A.M.) Standards for Establishments Housing Bottlenose Dolphins.

Highest standards of professionalism, competency and experience is what sets us apart.